I welcome you to Programming Verification and Development, a first-semester course. It is a 2-credit course that is available to students offering Bachelor of Science, (B.Sc.), Computer Science, Information Systems and Allied degrees. 

This course gives you the opportunity to explore several terminologies related to programming verification and development as a course of study. In it, you will reconnoitre some terminologies related to programming verification and development in addition to the generic process framework for software engineering activities. It will also help you to understand the generic process framework for software engineering activities. Furthermore, modelling principles which guide the development of a quality software product will be unveiled. 

Course Goal

Your expedition through this course will familiarize you to the the verification and development of programming. You will be able to comprehend some basic terminologies related to programming verification and development. You will as well be proficient in the discussing the steps of the software engineering process. You will also learn other aspects of programming like test strategies for object-oriented software, art of debugging, and Review Metrics and their use.