Here in this course, CSC 233, which is a 2 units credit course with six modules of 21 study units. I will be providing you with the principles of object-oriented programming which includes Data Abstraction concerning data and behaviour of object, Hiding and Encapsulation of Data. The accessibility level of objects to achieve data abstraction will be discussed. I will also further in this course explain in details the principle of inheritance and polymorphism. I will look into class, object and methods. Relationship between classes and class Hierarchy will also be discussed which will further describe Abstract class and class library. Object-Oriented Design Approach/Object Modeling is examined. Identification of class which include class Attribute and methods in the problem statement is explained. All discussions on the topic will be illustrated using java language. Fundamentals of java language are introduced at the begin for easy understanding of the concepts of object-oriented programming. Finally, Java operators and expressions are discussed.